Monday, August 30, 2004

Can you take one more update?

We met. We chatted. We slurped our Starbucks.

There is still no progress, and I'm actually feeling really bad for my friend -- my own situation here, totally notwithstanding.

What I didn't know until yesterday was: They first made contact with him about this job in late May. He didn't apply, they called him. (It's the organization that is in charge of his company... in esssence, it would be like a move to "Head Office", although not really.) It has been a series of delays, delays and more delays. The Big Boss wanted the position to be filled exactly 11 weeks ago. The guy filling it simply isn't making it his first priority. This, despite the fact that my friend isn't simply waiting for the decision on the job, he's waiting to find out if he's moving his life half-way across the country, into a very big, very different city than he's living in now.

While none of it makes sense, one thing is clear: my friend is going insane with all of the waiting. I feel a bad for jumping to conclusions and feeling so sorry for myself last week. I apologize to the world for that -- how selfish can one be? Really. (Well... sort of. The issue remains the same, I'm beyond unhappy in my current job and if this doesn't materialize, something else will have to or I'll lose my mind).

So, he waits, I wait, we all wait. More to come. Let's pray it's soon.