Sunday, August 29, 2004

Drag it out a little longer...

Still no word. Why? Because the friend who would be vacating this job, still hasn't heard from the new employer on whether they'll close the gap between what they're offering salary-wise, and what he's willing to take. If they match it, or come close, he's gone. If they say no, he's staying.

I seriously though he would have heard by Friday. Alas, no.

He and I were going to meet on Friday night but will get together this evening instead.

I hope for some semblance of an update tonight, and hopefully some definitive news tomorrow. After all, they told him that they want him there in two weeks -- this, in response to the fact that his boss wants him to stay for a month, to train the new person coming in to take his job.

Hurry the hell up, I say. His life hangs in the balance right now... as does my sanity, but nobody needs to know that.

Actually, no, I exaggerate... I've actually had a fairly good handle on my emotions over this situation since my conversation with my pal on IM. But that doesn't make for good reading. Ha.