Friday, August 27, 2004

Still no word...

After a lengthy heart-to-heart via IM with my lovely friend S. yesterday (I'm going to avoid linking to people for a little while -- I'm sure you understand, my dear girl), I started to gain some perspective on this job thing. When I say some, I mean the least amount possible. But that's more than I had.

After S. logged off, I threw out a bunch of prayers to the Big Guy, and tried to get on with my day. I think it worked -- I ended up having a nice night with the BF at the football game after an impromptu dinner in the car (rotisserie chicken and potato salad from the Garden Market) and the obligatory Second Trip of the Day to Starbucks.

Circumstances being what they were, I rationalized that Friday (today) might really be the first chance to hear from my friend or his employer -- writing it off on Wednesday was pretty impetuous of me, and not the most level-headed move, as I brought on a whole set of emotions that weren't yet warranted. I'm a glutton for drama, sue me. (Though, it's 10:3oam already, and I haven't heard word-one from the friend or his employer. In my experience, if you're going to hear something on a job, you'll hear it first thing in the morning or not at all.) (WHAT, I'm just saying...)

Instead of bemoaning the fact that I may not even get a chance to apply for this job (which would SUCK), this great job that is perfect for me, I have to remember that if it doesn't happen, God has something else in the queue for me.

Have I mentioned that I'm a faithful person? No, I'm not a prude -- don't go surfing away from here just because I have admitted my faith in a Higher Power. I sin, just like everyone else. You may get to read about it on here. There's some good stories. Trust me. (I've repented, leave me alone.)

My point here is: I MUST have faith that, if this doesn't happen, there's a damn good reason for it. I've lost out on other "great" jobs before. And, every time, when I've looked back after the fact, I've been able to see why it was best that I didn't get it. I wouldn't be where I am now if I had gotten some of the jobs I thought I had to have to be happy -- and I kind of like where I am over all.

SO, I will continue to wait. I will check in with the friend later today (under the guise of getting together for a drink tonight, something I casually but strategically suggested earlier this week, in case I didn't hear from him...) and I should then have a definitive answer as to whether I'll get a chance to apply, or if they've just gone and given it to someone else.

Because then? At least I'll know. And I think everyone can understand why that's better than where I'm at right now.