Tuesday, August 31, 2004

You are invited. No. Really.

We agreed to go to the "Jack & Jill". A couple of great friends were hosting it and it was supposed to be a nice, casual event. Beer, burgers, and good conversation.

The bride and groom are friends of the host and hostess. They're all part of a larger group, through which I met the love of my life. Cheers to that. While we don't know the bride and groom very well, and quite obviously aren't invited to the wedding for that very reason, we were invited to celebrate their "last blast". If you can call potato chips and lawnchairs a last blast.

We arrived early. We were the second couple in attendance, getting there just ahead of the bride and groom. When they arrived, the bride entered, saw us, whispered with the hostess, then made a beeline for us.

Bride: Did you get your invitation?
Me: Nooooo...?
Bride: Oh NO.
Me: Oh, well, really, I didn't expect to be invited since we don't know you all that well...
Bride: Oh, but I really wanted to extend the invitation to you... but J. just told me that you moved, that's probably why you didn't get it!
Me: No, really, that's fine...

A couple of people who were obvious invites apparently didn't receive their invitations. Some foul-up with Canada Post. But I don't honestly think ours "got lost". I don't think there was one to begin with.

That is truly no skin off my back. I've been to four weddings already this summer and I'm tapped out. You can only buy gifts for so many showers, stagettes, weddings and other wedding-related gatherings, before you have to start wrapping up food from your cupboard in wedding paper, as there's no money to buy ANYTHING else. Congratulations on your marriage. I hope you enjoy these cans of tomato soup and ramen noodles, as you begin your life together.

You see, I did move -- one month ago. But my mail has been forwarded to my current address for the past two months. Clearly this invite was a guilt-invite. *I* feel bad that she felt badly enough to come up with an excuse to invite us. Really, we just came for the hamburgers.

I SHOULD have gracefully bowed out.

Unfortunately, I don't think quickly on my feet. Faced with a tricky situation, I often become a caveman. Uh.. duh... grunt. Instead of gracefully declining, I somehow accepted the invitation.

So, what do you get for a couple that you barely know... as a gift that you can't afford... for a wedding that you were glad you weren't invited to in the first place... that you're now expected to be attending?

On the bright side, it's an open bar. Praise be to red wine and free beer.