Sunday, September 12, 2004

Can you stand one more?

If you can possibly stand ONE MORE POST about "The Job", then you're SO in luck right here because, guess what: here's one more post about "The Job."

Though, as it happens, this should be the second last post you ever read on this topic.


The friend who holds The Job at the moment, wrote me a note to tell me the following (copied DIRECTLY from his email -- this is as real as it gets, people):

"I have received the offer and I am reviewing it. I will likely decide byMonday. The decision is still killing me."

Of course, the fact that he says "likely" means that this will be dragged out further and further and further, thus necessitating many more rants about why I want this job SO BADLY and how I just want a shot at it, and just hope that God has it in His plan SOMEWHERE that I can have this job because DAMMIT I just want to have passion for my work again... and blah blah blah.

But, I promise, there will be no more posts about The Job until there is a final decision either way. (You know, unless they happen to call me for an interview, in which case there will be a series of posts containing various forms of freaking out by me.)

In the meantime, I will apologize to those of you who read me regularily for lack of any variety in my posts.

I also apologize to those of you who have blogs that I read regularily. I haven't really been reading as much lately, and I haven't been commenting when I do. My motivation level is as low as its been... maybe ever, really, so it takes about as much effort as I have in my body to get anything done during the day, nevermind blogging.

My apologies. I'm really trying. It's just tough when I feel so useless.

And so, hopefully for the last time... let's hope there's some definitive news on The Job this week. And, if not that job, than SOMETHING. Please, something.