Monday, September 27, 2004

I wish I could say...

In response to ej's comment... I feel sort of bad that I can't explain exactly what The Job is.

The thing is, I re-started a new blog in order to be able to write about whatever I needed to write about. Most especially my job situation.

What I can say is this:

The Job is with a very specialized organization. It is the only one of its kind in my city. Other cities have them, but the very fact that this one exists in my city (and has a long history here) is part of what makes it so sought-after. There are other sort of similar organizations but none as established and respected as this one.

The thing about this particular organization is that I have been a longtime supporter of its work. I'm passionate about what they do over there. Their mandate has changed many times over the years, something that had them on the brink of financial collapse a few short years ago (which would have been a tragic situation), but they brought in a new Top Dog to right the ship. And he did. In a big way.

I'm sorry I can't say more. My readership has grown pretty small, and to reward the few of you who have stuck with me through the endlessss whining, I would love to tell you.

I can't. Not yet.

But if I get The Job?

I promise, I'll give you all enough hints to make it worthwhile. Deal?