Monday, September 20, 2004

It couldn't possibly be easy, could it?

If I didn't already know how unhappy I am in my current job, I think this morning's events illustrate it perfectly.

On Friday, my boss asked me to come in at 8:00am, instead of my usual 8:30am. We had a press conference to deal with, and it looked like there might be some problems getting everything set up properly, so she wanted me in early. Fine, no problem. I hate my job but I love my boss, so I'll do whatever she needs.

So, I set the alarm on my cell phone to remind myself on Sunday night to set my alarm 45 minutes earlier.

I set both alarm clocks I have, to make sure that if I missed the first one, I'd hear the second.

Leave at 7:30am, get to work at 8:00am. No problem.


I woke up at... wait for it...


WOKE UP at 8:10am.

Ooohhh no. I was in my car by 8:17am, which means I skipped the morning shower, breakfast, and the obligatory morning-emptying-of-the-bladder. Thankfully, I managed to brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on deoderant before throwing on some clothes and RUNNING out the door.

Thankfully, EVER SO THANKFULLY, my boss is a gem and she was totally fine with it. She was a few minutes late herself (though, not 45 minutes late.)

Still. This is NOT good. Even my subconscious knows how unhappy I am; it prevented me from having to spend an extra half-hour at work.


This can't -- and won't -- happen again.