Sunday, September 19, 2004

Job, Job, and more Job.

That would be job, as in work. Not Job from the Bible. Although somewhat of a good story to keep in mind, I would say.

Provided he doesn't cancel at the last minute, my friend who is leaving The Job is supposed to meet me for dinner on Tuesday night. We're supposed to talk strategy.

The problem is that this friend is well known to be a canceller. He's very highly forgetful and has a tendency to book plans then make other, more pressing plans, and has to cancel the first plans.

Not ideal.

I will send him a note to remind him, and then make the call on Tuesday to confirm.

Let's pray this all goes as planned -- if it does, I will finally have some firm answers as to where this job sits, whether my name has been passed on, and what my possible chances are.

THEN I can really get working on my strategy.

It's funny, I was watching The Apprentice the other night and realized something. I look at the players on that show and see people who see something they want, and they make it happen.

That is what I need to do here. I see something I want, and I need to just go ahead and make it happen. I actually feel quite blessed that things have been put off, because I would not have been prepared if things had come down a couple of weeks ago like I originally thought they would.

I would LOVE to think that I'm watching God work right now, so that I can have this job. But I can't assume that at this point. I just have to keep mentally preparing and doing everything I can, working every contact I have, to get as close as I can.

If God wants it to happen, then it will -- but NOT if I sit by and wait.