Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A post NOT about The Job

Seriously, it is.

It's about Britney and Kevin now being married.

You see, when I was that age, I dated a boy who looked just like Kevin Federline. It was during that phase of my life (every girl's life?) when I was attracted to all of the dark, brooding, mysterious boys.

(What I didn't know was, the dark, brooding and mysterious stuff was ACTUALLY sleazy, too dumb to string together full sentences, and usually stoned.)

But, after a few months of our highest quality dates being drive-thru dinners at McDonalds (that I paid for), warm beer (that I paid for but he was too lazy to put in the fridge), and rented movies (that I paid for)... I came to my senses.

Oh, also the discovery that he was high 100% of the time when he wasn't with me, and at least 75% of the time when he was.

L'il Brit is going to come to HER senses too, when she gets tired of this charming white-trash phase. Soon enough, she's going to want to spend her copious amounts of money on nice clothes and expensive hairdos.

But, by then, she will be that twice-divorced girl who was on the Mickey Mouse Club, who is too old for the teeny-boppers and too grody for the rest of us to care about... and too trashy for even Madonna.

Poor Brit. Poor poor Brit.

(snicker snicker)