Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Put your praying shoes on, people...

"I'll have a decision about the job in a few days and will, of course, let you know ASAP."

Could I finally know if I have a shot at The Job?

I would LOVE to believe it. I truly would. But I know the experience my friend has had with the Head Office so far, and as such, my tendency is to believe that he still won't hear anything by the end of the week.

The Job would be a blessing for me for a myrriad of reasons. Eight months ago, I abandoned the only career I ever wanted because it turned out not to be everything I had dreamed it would be. There is a big hole there now, where my passion and dreams used to live.

I've imagined many jobs, many opportunities I might make for myself, but The Job is the only one that fills me with hope that I could have passion for my work again.

I'm not saying I will never have that, ever again -- I'm not that dramatic. I'm sure there's something else out there that could make me happy. I just don't have a clue what it might be, and it has been very hard for me to float around lately with no purpose.

So. If I may request a little prayer from those of you who Believe, and maybe even one from some of you who don't... I just want the chance to interview for The Job. At least then I can sleep at night knowing that I had a chance and gave it my very best shot. If that's not good enough, then The Job wasn't for me anyway.

Shameless prayer alert:
(But, God, PLEASE let it be for me? Please!)