Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The race is on...

Met with The Friend about The Job.

I may be the perfect candidate. I have everything they're looking for and more. I also have one very good contact with the organization (not The Friend, this is another person) -- someone in a very high-ranking position. While this person isn't directly involved in the hiring decision, he has a lot of pull around this place and *should* be a huge ally for me.

The challenge now is twofold:

1) Getting the attention of The Friend's Boss, a man who I have dealt with numerous times in the past but who doesn't remember my name to save his life, will be key. He's a bit of an "old boy" so to speak, and he may have trouble taking me seriously, being that I'm a young woman. Let's hope he's not as near-sighted as I believe him to be.

2) Keeping The Friend's Boss' attention in the next two months. I spoke to him on the phone this morning, asking if I could meet with him, and he turned me down saying he's just too busy right now (which I can understand -- this is the absolute busiest time of year at their org., hands down). But he said I'm welcome to send him something, it's just that he won't be dealing with it for several weeks (end of November at the worst, beginning of November at best). I can NOT let him forget about me. Which is why the timing of the submission of my resume & portfolio is key.

I have to say, making that call to Friend's boss was VERY hard for me to do. My legs are still jelly. I HATE making that call. It's such a desperate feeling, I always feel like such a bother. Ugh. This guy is doubly hard to deal with, he's a little pompus and irritating.

So, folks. I need prayers. I need divine intervention. I need whatever grace God is willing to bestow upon me, because I now have a whole heck of a lot of HOPE... but that hope may just be the death of me.

It's September 22nd. Let's set December 1st as the day they're going to get rolling on this thing.

70 days and counting.

God? My fate is in Your hands. Yes, I know it always is but I'm relinquishing control here. So, let's go.