Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ask and you shall receive.

While I would say I generally believe in "Ask and you shall receive...", I am currently on the fence as I have obviously done quite a bit of asking in regards to my job situation and am waiting to find out what I will receive.

Still, today I got a taste of it. A post or two ago, I asked about what it takes to be the kind of person who sees what they want, then goes out and gets it.

Like the contestants on The Apprentice, I said. They are all people who seem to say that they see what they want in their lives and they get it. That's how they ended up on the show, after all.

Ask, I did.

And, as I went into the Starbucks at Chapters near my work, a Starbucks I rarely go into because it's a difficult parking lot to navigate in and out of, I saw the New Releases section and it jumped out:

Carolyn 101
Business Lessons from The Apprentice's Straight Shooter
by Carolyn Kepcher

You know, The Donald's right-hand woman.

Nice. Now let's see if what I received is worth the $30 spent to receive it.