Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Computer issues and an update.

I have been having non-stop problems at work with my email and posting to my blog, hence the lack of posts in the past week. It's not for lack of desire: there's something strange goin' down at the Circle K.

Now for that update.

Resume in, obligatory phonecall made to the guy in charge of hiring. Check and check.

I mentioned a few posts ago, about the guy who didn't get back to me -- my remaining contact at The Job, who isn't involved in the hiring but should have some measure of influence due to his high level position. WELL, I bumped into him on Monday.


He was in a huge rush but told me he'd email me. I hope he wants to tell me something positive, like, "If I tell them to hire you, they will. And I want YOU to work with ME!"

Ah. A girl can dream, can't she?

Also. I got the flu shot yesterday and my ARM HURTS.