Monday, October 04, 2004

Grammar Slammer Bammer. And blogrolls.

If I hear my boss say, "I seen it this weekend..." or "My sister seen it when she was out shopping..." one more time, I may have to poke out my eye with a pen.

You SEEN nothing. You SAW it. Or you HAVE SEEN it in the past. But if I ask you where the blue pen is, and you say, "I seen it over there...", then I may kill you based on your horrific grammar alone.

Believe it or not, my boss is a smart, sharp woman who has done very well in her career. How this happened, considering her white-trash grammar and vocabulary, is beyond me.


Blogrolls. I need to bitch about them. I hate recipro-linking. Here's why.

Bored at my desk (what else is new?), I decided to link my way around for a while. I started at Jessica In Progress and clicked on a link on her 'roll, we'll call that Page B.

But when I got to Page C., from a link off Page B., is when I got frustrated. There, I found a list of... oh, I don't know... 50 or 60 blogs?

What good does that do me, people? Seriously!

If I'm looking for something to read, if I've gone through my daily reads and am still looking for more, then I will look to the blogs I love the most for some direction. If I love YOUR writing, then it's a good bet that I'll enjoy a blog that YOU love and read frequently.

If you have a list of links to every person who has ever read or linked-to your blog? That's no use to me.

Listen, I get that people who are active, daily bloggers have a compunction to give some credit to the people who read THEIR blog every day. And that's fine.

So here's what I ask. Do like This Fish and Zoot do. Give me a list of your daily reads -- you know, the blogs you LOVE and never miss a day of. Then, give me a separate list of your recipro-links. It's easy. Really.

This all speaks to why I don't actually have a blogroll anymore. There are people who won't read your blog if you're not reading and linking to theirs. I don't need those politics.

If you WANT to know who I read every day, without fail, I'll tell you. Won't you please tell me?