Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Things.

Had some time to decompress. Still discouaged, sad, and scared. Just trying to hide the sad. Two pints of beer helped that cause nicely on Saturday.

But I think "scared" covers it more than anything. I think it also explains my revolt against God on Friday. To pray, one must trust. In trusting, one becomes vulnerable. And that can be a very bad scene, if the thing for which one is trusting doesn't happen. I am very afraid to trust at the moment so praying is very, very hard.

In other words, I'm trying. Trying to continue to be patient. To continue keeping the faith.

And, Ipanima? I've been waiting for that fastball for a while. My arms are getting very tired from holding up the bat for the home run swing. I pray you are right.

And also, I can't log into my Yahoo! mail from work now. Fuckers.

To the question about how I got my weekend radiojob: I got a degree in journalism, worked at a TV station for a few years before becoming a news reporter for two years at the radio station. Left there for 3 and a half years to work in TV again. I've now just gone back because my old boss needed some help on weekends, and I need the extra cash. Voila. Rinse and repeat.