Friday, October 29, 2004

This is my life?

This is what my days have come to.

I just spent the last five minutes (yes, FIVE) convincing one of the office ladies that, no, I don't want any of the meatballs that she brought for some potluck-style lunch meeting.

Her: Pink, I have meatballs, come have some!
Me: Oh, no thanks, I'm good.
Her: No no! I brought you a plate you can use!
Me: No, really, thanks.
Her: Are you SURE? Because I have LOTS!!
Me: No, thanks... really, I'm good.
Her: Are you SURE??
Me: YES. I'm. Good.
Her: Because I did bring a plate for you, and there are lots of meatballs!
Me: (blink blink) NO. THANK. YOU. I'M GOOD.

She walked away looking like someone had just sliced off her right hand. How is this POSSIBLE? You don't want meatballs? WHAT? Unfortunately, "I'm good" isn't really a very good answer for why you don't want food. Who turns down free food? Free HOMEMADE food?

But I couldn't very well tell her that the reason I didn't want to take her up on her generous offer is because I have tasted them before and they are BAD. Tasteless. Awful. Tasteless in the sense that clearly her kitchen is devoid of any seasoning whatsoever, so these are literally just balls of meat. Here's this new thing you should try, lady. It's called PEPPER and SALT. Though, no amount of S&P will cover up the overtones of freezer-burned meat. (gag)

Clearly, you see why I'm left with, "I'm good." Because they are not good.

This is what my days have come to. Fending off meatball-weilding office ladies. Oh LORD, I don't want to WORK HERE ANYMORE. I am going to cry in about 15 seconds.

On the bright side...

1) I'm taking Monday and Tuesday as vacation days. Four day weekend. THANK YOU GOD.

2) I should hear on Monday or Tuesday (I hope) from the place where I interviewed last Friday. Should being the operative word here. We all know what happens when things "should" happen. They typically don't.

3) After tonight, the place with The Job should be able to start "dealing" with The Job. After two and a half months of waiting, I may hear something soon. That said, we all know what happens when things "may" happen. See above example.

Pray for me.