Wednesday, October 27, 2004

You asked...

I haven't been responding to comments in the comment boxes, simply because a) I'm not sure that anyone checks back for answers and b) I'm lazy.

But there have been a few questions that I feel require answering, so I will answer three of them right now. (Mainly to avoid the topic of The Job, and the fact that there was some really big news today about the organization... that being, they've been awarded the hosting rights for the league championship game for a couple of years from now, which totally ups the ante. Which is scary. Because it's now going to be twice as hard to GET this job. sigh)

Question #1: Why did I get the flu shot when so many others in need, haven't been able to get it?

Answer #1: Because I don't live in the US. I live north of your border, and we have plenty of the vaccine to go around. So much, that American senior citizens are driving north to get the shot. I don't know why we have so much and y'all don't have enough. But we do. So I got it.

Question #2: What on earth is this damn job you've been going on and on about?

Answer #2: I answered that already once, but for reiteration, it's with a pro-spo&rts team where I live. It's a very specialized job, and frankly, the coolest damn job I could ever imagine. Ever.

Question #3: StartingOver -- where is it and when is it on?

Answer #3: It's on N.B.C., and where I live, it's on from 2pm - 3pm every day. And Gary, you were right -- calling it "Reality-TV" isn't really fair because it's not a contest or a game-show. But it's the only real category that you can throw it into where it seems to fit. It definitely is "reality", definitely moreso than any of these so-called reality shows. Whatever it is, it's a really valuable show.

That's it for now. I'm very tired today. I don't know why. And I'm making a public plea to God right now:

God. PLEASE. I need some resolution to this situation. If I am not going to even get a shot at The Job, then PLEASE release me from this. Let me KNOW. Please. Please please please. But I'd rather get The Job. Please. Thanks God.