Thursday, November 04, 2004

Operation: Successful

The ambush was successful. Dare I say, very very successful.

You needn't have worried, dear readers, as it was all planned very carefully so as to avoid any mishaps or craziness or other possible badness. It was simply a conversation that needed to be had, and it was.

And if I may say, I was a bit giddy afterwards as it went so exceedingly well. Unfortunately, the conversation is only one teeny, tiny little piece of a very large puzzle. A good piece, sure, but it's like one of those corner pieces in a jigsaw -- you need it, you can't really finish without it, but there are far bigger pieces in the middle that have to be put together... and they're those really hard ones that are all the same shade of sky-blue.

Now we wait. Again. Still.

I had not thought of a thank-you note in regards to the other job. Why hadn't I thought of a thank-you note? I'm not sure. It's one of the cardinal rules of good interviewing. Sh*t.

As for my current job, which I hate but need, I will have to interview for my own position next Wednesday, the 10th. My boss is being very evasive, sharing some information but not other info. While I know that H.R. will play a large role in who is hired, I just don't know what game my boss is playing.

I may not get to keep the job I have, I haven't heard back from a job that I sort-of want, and I have no idea what is happening (or when) with my dream job.

You want to talk uncertainty? THAT is uncertainty.

So I'll keep praying.

Yoda, and others... thanks for your prayers. Knowing the power of prayer in my own life, it means more than I can say.