Thursday, December 30, 2004


As we head forward into 2005 tomorrow night, I figured it would be a good time to set out an update of the loose ends over here in Stilettoland.

Blogging: I haven't been doing much lately, mainly because I haven't been online much lately. I'm told that the New Job is very strict with non-work related internet use and they monitor closely, so it will all be after-hours blogging. Bastards.

New Job: I am supposed start on Tuesday. I still haven't signed the papers, though, so that may change. But I'm not worried. It should be much better than my old job, which I couldn't be happier to be rid of. However, it's still not...

The Dream Job: You shouldn't be surprised to read that there is no new news on that front. While I will be starting the New Job, I'm still holding out hope about The Dream Job (formerly known as The Job).

Unfortunately, it could be as late as March before they make a decision. The friend who vacated the job was supposed to be having a meeting with the boss over there last week while he was in town for Christmas, but it got cancelled... they may or may not have met this week, I haven't heard yet. Either way, if this meeting happened, he said he would go to bat for me. But I don't know what that means, who else is in the running, or anything. Still just praying for a miracle.

Sex: Getting lots.

Wine: Ditto. Loving all Shiraz-Cabernets. Lovvvving. (And Bailey's & coffee.)

House: Haven't found one yet. Still looking.

My Stolen Car: I won't get it back until the end of January, if I'm lucky. But I have a lovely Chrysler Sebring as a rental car, so all is well.

Happy New Year, people. Catch y'all on the other side of 2004.