Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Two mysteries solved

Unfortunately, neither of those mysteries is why the new job has yet to call my references. That's big, fat mystery #3. But I won't dwell. Because if I do, my head will explode.

Mystery #1, is that the guy who is selling the house actually purchased it in August and just got transfered to another province. As such, he's got to unload the house immediately. Unfortunately, the people living there still weren't out earlier this week, which is why they couldn't show it.

No murder. No rats. No sexy encounter with Nick from CSI. (Damn.)

Mystery #2, is that I went on a few dates with him about 8 years ago. I tried to teach him to two-step, but he was a ridiculously bad dancer (and that's probably what turned me off at the time. I'm shallow, I know it.) This all came back to me when he emailed me first thing this morning to remind me why I knew him -- I think he didn't want to mention it yesterday when his new boss was standing right there. For obvious reasons.

Two mysteries solved. We continue to wait on the aformentioned third -- when the new job will call my references so we can sign the offical offer sheet.

God? I'm learning the patience thing, I really am. I'm trying very hard. I see what you're doing to me here. I get it. Could you PLEASE stop making me wait? Please?