Friday, January 28, 2005

And the shopping begins

I get to see the house again tomorrow!

So excited.

The gal who owns it is having me over to see everything again, since I only really got to see it for about 30 minutes before I bid on it.

Between squealing with delight over the layout of the house and imagining my furniture in all of the rooms, I sort of forgot to remember the color schemes and what the light fixtures look like. And so on.

As it happens, I signed all of the papers at the bank today, so it's 100% official. It's all mine. As a reward, I went out looking at Linens & Things and Home Outfitters tonight, trying to decide on all of those things one needs to fill a new home... but I came home totally overwhelmed.

What color do I want for the bathroom? What about the master bedroom? What will I put in the empty little corner of the dining room? I need art for my walls. How do I pick a pattern for my bedding? What about window coverings?


I feel like I need a degree or something. This is ridiculous.

Thankfully some of the questions will automatically be answered after I go back into the house, because I'll actually be able to see what color the flooring and countertops (etc) are.

Right now, I have to go and make a batch of brownies to take to the gal who owns the house... it's partially a "thank you for letting me come by" and partialy a bribe to not trash the place before I take possession.

28 days and counting!

And yes, I'm taking the digi... pictures will be posted. Squee!