Sunday, January 16, 2005

Disturbing my sensibilities

We're locked in the middle of a ridiculous cold snap.

I have said many times recently, the cold sucks but it's better than being killed by a giant wave or a hurricane. I'm cold but my house is still standing, and my relatives are still alive. It's a fair trade.

Still, I think a -45 Celcius windchill (it's about -45 F -- it's so cold, that celcius and farenheit are about the same) allows for a tiny complaint.

My skin is so dry that I actually put hand lotion on my cheeks to stop the burning. It's that dry. HAND LOTION. This goes against all I know and believe about proper skincare. It's ridiculous, that's what it is.

Maybe it's the cold that's playing with my brain, but I don't feel normal. I hate to wish for the passage of time, since life is short as it is... but here is it:

I just want to skip ahead to July and be done with this particular piece of life.