Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Men. What the eff?

Started the new job today. It's just like what I'm used to -- fast paced environment, but very laid back all at the same time. It should be pretty good while I wait to find out about The Dream Job.


There's also a new guy starting. (I'll call him the New Guy.) He was supposed to start today but he had some trouble moving his stuff across the country so he'll start tomorrow instead.

But he did stop in this afternoon to see the lay of the land, and to meet everyone. He brought his buddy along, a friend who made the cross-Canada drive with him to get here. They came into the newsroom and said hello, and the New Boss said, "That's Pink, and you'll be sitting right across from her here."

And the buddy said, "That's a pretty damn good view!" as he elbowed the New Guy.


Yesterday it was a grocery clerk, while I was effectively wearing my pyjamas and buying brocolli. Cute. Sort of funny. I was obviously alone, and this kid was being brave (or something.) (By the way, go read yesterday's post. It's good.)

Today, it's in front of my NEW BOSS? The friend of my new employee, for all in the room to hear?

What is WITH men?

I mean, hey, okay, I'm totally flattered. Who wouldn't be, with comments like that two days in a row? And I'm not posting this as if to say, "Look at me, all the guys think I'm sexy... nyah nyah." No. I'm posting this because I don't understand where the filter is in men's brains, that tells them when a comment like that is sort of not appropriately placed.

In front of my NEW BOSS, people. Sheesh.

Can someone out there explain this to me?