Wednesday, February 23, 2005

2 sleeps

Only two sleeps until I get the house.

Holy crap, I'm about to be very, very, very broke. This is scary. (Good scary, mind you, but scary nonetheless.)

I really like cookies. Mostly chocolate chip.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Looks like we've got a date... sort of

September 24th. Cancellation at the church. (Who says God works in secret?) I got it. Deposit is down, etc., etc., etc.

As we're Catholic and it's a Catholic church, we now have to go through Marriage Preparation classes before they will marry us there. My guy has proposed that he go through them drunk, so as not to get us kicked out by questioning every last piece of Catholic doctrine. Ahh, my liberal-minded love.

Now we have to wait for the reception location to be confirmed. All of this waiting is giving me a headache.

(For those who know me, even a bit, extreme impatience is my number one character flaw.)

In other news, remember The Dream Job? Yeah, well, if what I've been told is any truth whatsoever, they should be getting to that next week.

SHOULD being the key word here, and we know what happens when something "should" happen: it doesn't. But I'm still praying.

Also? 4 sleeps until I get my house!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Troubles at the chapel

Well, not AT the chapel. With the chapel. Booking it, that is.

There are no times whatsoever in September this year. I have the reception site, I have a photographer... etc, etc, etc. Just no church.

Can't get married without the church.

So I'm pulling some strings at the church to see what I can do.

If I EVER needed mass prayers/good wishes/positive vibes/bribe suggestions, now is the time.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Oddest thing

I keep looking down and surprising myself by seeing the ring. Bizarro.

Now, the details: the proposal was simple but perfect.

We did go looking at rings a couple of times, but it was just casually. Still, I knew it was coming so if he had gotten all dressed up or taken me for a fancy dinner or anything at all, I would have suspected it all night long.

Instead, we got takeout thai food for dinner, cracked a six of Coors Light (we're usually red wine people, I swear, but I think he wanted something more effective to calm his nerves), and then went downstairs to watch the re-broadcast of Thursday's Apprentice.

Once I was settled on the couch, he went back upstairs to grab a box of chocolates I had opened earlier in the week.

Inside? He placed the ring. And the rest, as they say, is history.

No, I didn't cry... I was too stunned.

Now the planning. Everyone is telling me that September is far too soon to plan a wedding. Yeah? Well, then I'll show them all that they're wrong.

I hate when people tell me I can't do something.

So, here we go... this is gonna be a wild ride.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Something else to think about...

...guess this will keep my mind off of worrying about the house.

I'm engaged!


Now we've gotta go tell our families. Details to come!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Still no peace of mind

I called my lawyer today to let him know I'm concerned about the condition of my house upon possession.

I spoke to his assistant (who puts the "kicks ass" in assistant, by the way), and she will be awaiting a frantic call on possession date to report any major damage or missing items that included in the offer for the house.

We're in "praying the call never has to be made" mode.

Except for one thing, I have already gotten all of the items I bought from the owner. The item I still don't have is one that would be virtually impossible for the neice and fiance to take; it's the digital cable box that is attached to The Owner's television. Knowing how much she paid for the big-ass TV only three months ago, I can rest quite assured that she will watch it with eagle eyes.

Anything of the "I'm not taking money for this, you can just have it" stuff that she manages to leave for me will have to be a bonus instead of promises delivered.

I just don't trust that they're promises she CAN deliver on, considering the lack of ethics that the neice and fiance have thus-far displayed.

So, we wait.

16 more days until I get the house. That means there's 16 more days until I can stop worrying about whether the neice is spilling red wine on my carpets or the fiance is peeing in the clothes dryer.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Ok. I need someone to tell me why I'm over-reacting (and how not to) in this situation.

The woman who owns the house I'm about to take possession of is very cool. I mean this in the sense that she's kind, she's giving, and she's ultra honest. I've met her three times now, and she has gone out of her way to make sure that I'm getting everything I'm entitled to with this house and more.

Yesterday, she gave me a blender and a hand-mixer, plus some wicker baskets for storage.


Just because she doesn't need them when she moves to Calgary.

I tried to pay her, she wouldn't take it.

She keeps telling me she's going to leave other things behind that she doesn't want to take... the outside garbage can and some shovels for the snow and rakes and other gardening tools. And various kitchen utensils and so on. Again, I try to offer her money and she refuses.

HOWEVER. (You knew there was a catch.)

In September, she allowed her neice to come live with her for a few months. Turns out this was a bad decision, because the neice is a dishonest mooch, and she has a good-for-nothing fiance who is twice as bad.

They've tried to steal things, they've wrecked things and refused to pay to fix them... etc.

The homeowner is too nice to make them leave. They're moving out only a day or two before she does, which is the day before I take possession. Meaning, I get the house on the 25th. She is moving out on the 24th. The neice and fiance are leaving on the 22nd and 23rd.

My worry here is that they're going to damage things and/or take things that aren't rightfully theirs, on their way out.

I'm not thinking they're going to leave big dents in the walls or anything, but that they'll take... stuff. Light fixtures or other items that are supposed to come with the house, or the bamboo plants she promised to leave me... the garbage cans and the snow shovels. Etc.

Already, today, I went over there to pick up the lawnmower that she sold me (just because I don't trust the neice and fiance), and he appeared all of a sudden and tried to hide the weed-whacker that was included with the purchase of the lawnmower.

He tried to hide it so I wouldn't see it and take it. Even though I paid for it.

Am I overreacting in being worried about their presence in my soon-to-be home?

Am I not giving these people enough credit, for not taking things that aren't theirs?

The fact is, she's only one person and she only has one set of eyes with which to watch them pack stuff up. While the neice is in the kitchen, the fiance will be in the shed. She can't be everywhere.

If I'm NOT over-reacting, then what can I do to make the next three weeks easier so I'm not up at night worrying about this? (Because I will be. Up. At. Night.)

Help me. This is where my extreme neurosis emerges. (And maybe even a hint of anxiety.)

For the record, I am having all of the locks re-keyed on possession date. To be safe.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Nice work, Detective...

The police caught the little sh*t who stole my car!

WELL, ok, no, he's not caught YET... as the police officer put it to me on the phone this morning, "We have to find him, then we'll arrest him."

All CSI-like, they found a finger print in the car and came up with a match... to a 15-year old kid who already has a criminal record for stealing cars. Nice.

My question is: who doesn't wear gloves when stealing a car? First thing I'd think about is covering up the prints. But maybe that's because I watch too much TV. Hard to say.

Either way, it's reassuring to know they actually follow up on these things.


20 days until I take possession of the house!

For anyone who is ultra-interested to see what it looks like, email me at pinkstiletto2004 AT yahoo dot ca, and I will pass on the URL for a little site I put up with my house pics.


Friday, February 04, 2005

It's getting better?

5:45am wasn't so bad today.

My ass still hurts, but not as bad.


We could be on to something here.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Can you die from too much exercise and not enough sleep?


Okay, then I'm knocking on death's door.

Umm. Ok, no, maybe not death. But I feel like a semi-truck drove over my body, went in reverse and backed up over me, then drove over one more time for good measure.

And splashed mud up my nose too.

The boot camp is HARD. If I make it, it will be a full-on, name-Pinky-to-sainthood type MIRACLE.

Gak. When is my butt getting smaller, exactly? Cuz if I don't see results soon, this 5:00am wakeup call will be history in very short order.