Monday, February 21, 2005

Looks like we've got a date... sort of

September 24th. Cancellation at the church. (Who says God works in secret?) I got it. Deposit is down, etc., etc., etc.

As we're Catholic and it's a Catholic church, we now have to go through Marriage Preparation classes before they will marry us there. My guy has proposed that he go through them drunk, so as not to get us kicked out by questioning every last piece of Catholic doctrine. Ahh, my liberal-minded love.

Now we have to wait for the reception location to be confirmed. All of this waiting is giving me a headache.

(For those who know me, even a bit, extreme impatience is my number one character flaw.)

In other news, remember The Dream Job? Yeah, well, if what I've been told is any truth whatsoever, they should be getting to that next week.

SHOULD being the key word here, and we know what happens when something "should" happen: it doesn't. But I'm still praying.

Also? 4 sleeps until I get my house!