Saturday, February 05, 2005

Nice work, Detective...

The police caught the little sh*t who stole my car!

WELL, ok, no, he's not caught YET... as the police officer put it to me on the phone this morning, "We have to find him, then we'll arrest him."

All CSI-like, they found a finger print in the car and came up with a match... to a 15-year old kid who already has a criminal record for stealing cars. Nice.

My question is: who doesn't wear gloves when stealing a car? First thing I'd think about is covering up the prints. But maybe that's because I watch too much TV. Hard to say.

Either way, it's reassuring to know they actually follow up on these things.


20 days until I take possession of the house!

For anyone who is ultra-interested to see what it looks like, email me at pinkstiletto2004 AT yahoo dot ca, and I will pass on the URL for a little site I put up with my house pics.