Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Still no peace of mind

I called my lawyer today to let him know I'm concerned about the condition of my house upon possession.

I spoke to his assistant (who puts the "kicks ass" in assistant, by the way), and she will be awaiting a frantic call on possession date to report any major damage or missing items that included in the offer for the house.

We're in "praying the call never has to be made" mode.

Except for one thing, I have already gotten all of the items I bought from the owner. The item I still don't have is one that would be virtually impossible for the neice and fiance to take; it's the digital cable box that is attached to The Owner's television. Knowing how much she paid for the big-ass TV only three months ago, I can rest quite assured that she will watch it with eagle eyes.

Anything of the "I'm not taking money for this, you can just have it" stuff that she manages to leave for me will have to be a bonus instead of promises delivered.

I just don't trust that they're promises she CAN deliver on, considering the lack of ethics that the neice and fiance have thus-far displayed.

So, we wait.

16 more days until I get the house. That means there's 16 more days until I can stop worrying about whether the neice is spilling red wine on my carpets or the fiance is peeing in the clothes dryer.